Daytime moon

Bible Reading: Read Psalm 121:1-8
Author: Tracy Morgan (Nevada, US)
Saturday 9 June 2018 © The Upper Room.
As with most people I know, my life is a constant whirlwind. My days are filled with household duties, my job, my family, my friends and various other obligations. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by it all. But then, when I make the effort to slow down and notice the beauty of God’s creation, I remember how his presence and peace can so readily sur- round me.

I am blessed to live in a beautiful mountainous place that I enjoy exploring when I hike with my happy, energetic dog. One day, I noticed the moon in the daytime sky – though I had to look carefully to see it.    I started thinking: the moon is always there, whether we can see it or not. So it is with our God who is always here, watching over us, even when we do not particularly feel his presence.

Since that day, I often notice the moon in the daytime sky. It also seems that I see it more often when I’m feeling stressed, worried or sad. This became a reminder for me that God watches over me. It brings me comfort and peace and always makes me smile. Our loving God is here for us all, at this moment and always.

Prayer: Dear God, show us signs of your love today, and help us to see them. Amen

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I am profoundly Deaf, This website is Brilliant Praise the Lord, God is good This is what we Deaf people need to get to know God and that we are not alone, I am very lucky woman i have a good family and friends and i know there is a lot of Deaf people out there that don’t know that God sent his Son to died for us for our sins, WOW to know that we can be forgiven and start a new life live like Jesus in our thinking and doing. BD