Multiply my efforts!

Bible Reading: Read Luke 9:12-17
Author: Carrell Jamilano (California, US)
Wednesday 6 June 2018 © The Upper Room.
I work as a spiritual director and youth minister. After days of working long hours to prepare for a youth retreat without asking for help, I finally prayed. ‘God, I want to lead these young people to you, but I am completely exhausted. Please, multiply my efforts as you  multiplied the loaves!’

Then I began to notice all the ways God was multiplying my efforts. Two days before the retreat, when it was time to pack my car with all the supplies and food for the weekend, I prayed for help. Moments later, the retreat leaders arrived for their meeting and asked if I needed anything. The day before the retreat, God helped me prioritise what needed to be done and what details I could let go. Then, throughout the retreat, volunteers came and took care of everything I was too exhausted to do.

The story in today’s reading shows that God can take whatever we have – no matter how small the amount, how weak we feel, how poor, or how untalented we may be – and multiply it. When we seek God’s will, we can trust that he is already working. We need only ask for his help.

Prayer: Dear God, multiply our efforts as you multiplied the loaves and fishes! Amen

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