Blooming again

Bible Reading: James 5:13-18
Author: John. R. Robinson (Ohio, USA)
Thursday 19 May 2022 © The Upper Room.

One hot and humid summer, we were away from home on a two-week trip. Before leaving, I had watered the plants, including two geraniums that were full of brilliant red blooms. We returned to find the geraniums with wilted leaves. The flowers that had survived were dull and their centre petals had shrivelled to a deep burgundy instead of being bright red. I was afraid that we might lose the plants completely. So I watered them and pruned away dead leaves and old blooms. Within a week, they were revived and blooming again.

Eight years before, after extensive surgery and six months of chemo and radiation therapy, I had felt like those geraniums. With a scarred body and spirit I was wilted and dulled, emotionally and physically. But I was kept alive by skilled surgeons, effective drugs, prayer and the care of hospital staff, family and friends.

Cancer-free now, I have a greater appreciation for each day and greater gratitude for the most important people and essential things in life. Because of those stressful and frightening experiences, I am ready to serve God more fully. Like the revived and flourishing geraniums, I have been able to put forth new blossoms of service and creativity.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for your faithful presence through difficult times. Amen

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