Unexpected generosity

Bible Reading: Psalm 139:1-6
Author: Margaret Anne Martin (Capital Territory, Australia)
Tuesday 13 March 2018 © The Upper Room.
One Sunday afternoon as my husband and I waited in the church foyer for a meeting to start, a man who knew about the church’s ministry with those experiencing homelessness came in to ask us for bus money. We gave him some money and he went on his way. A few minutes later a second man appeared. We expected another request for money. Instead, to our surprise, he held out a sum of money and said that he wanted to make a donation to our church. In that instant, our stereotyped views of people who experience homelessness were turned upside down. We were amazed at the generosity of this man who seemed to have so  little.
In 1 Samuel 16, the prophet Samuel was sent to anoint one of Jesse’s sons as king. As each of Jesse’s seven oldest sons stood before Samuel, the prophet was certain that each one would be the one chosen. However, God reminded Samuel in today’s verse that God looks   at the heart, not the outward appearance. Finally, the youngest son, David, was anointed with God’s  blessing.
That donation reminded me to look beyond appearance to what a person’s actions reveal about their heart. No matter what our appearance or our faults are, God loves us and shows us how to love one another.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, that you know us through and through, yet still love us. Help us to accept others and to see them as you do. Amen
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I just wanted to congratulate you on this initiative. What an amazing resource for the Deaf community in the UK. Thank God for your obedience in going forward with this. GL