Holding hands

Bible Reading: John 14:1-12
Author: Charles Huff (Illinois, US)
Thursday 8 March 2018 © The Upper Room.
Recently a number of people have  commented  about  my  wife  and  me holding hands. One friend remarked, ‘Well, look at you two!’ Once while we were strolling in our neighbourhood, a woman walking her dog stopped to tell us how sweet we looked. My wife summed it up later when she asked, ‘Is it because we are in our sixties that holding hands has now become sweet to see?’
We hope that this small show of affection sends a message that most people can understand. Besides saying that we still love each other after 43 years, our holding hands also says that we are a team.  We belong with each other.
When I think of my relationship with Jesus, I wonder if people see that I love him and belong to him. Do the ways I respond to hurtful people and experiences declare my love for Jesus?
We show that we belong to Jesus when we reflect that we are one with him in the way we respond in every situation. When we act the  way Jesus would, others can see that we belong to him. As we walk through life with Jesus, nothing can separate us from his love (see Romans 8:38–39).

Prayer: Dear Jesus, help us to draw close to you so that we can reflect more of your love to others. Amen
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