The first step

Bible Reading: Luke 5:1-11
Author: John D. Bown (Minnesota, US)
Monday 12 February 2018 © The Upper Room.
Simon Peter had spent the entire night fishing with no results when Jesus approached him and told him to get back into his boat and put his nets out in deep water. Fishing was Peter’s job, and he had just had a bad night at work. He was probably tired and frustrated, and now here came somebody, who wasn’t even a fisherman, telling him how to fish – on the very waters where he had just spent the whole night without catching anything. Peter could have ignored Jesus; he could have shouted an angry response; he could have come up with a dozen reasons to say no. But instead he did what Jesus asked him to do.
Peter not only ended up with a net full of fish, but he took his first step toward a life of incredible faith, a life where he began to fish for people. When we receive an opportunity to serve the Lord, sometimes it may feel as if the opportunity is beyond our abilities. Or perhaps our first reaction may be that it doesn’t make sense for us. But listening   for God’s direction and then following to serve in faith, even when we initially have doubts, is how we grow as followers of Christ.

Prayer: God, our Guide, give us hearts to listen and wisdom to discern your calling to us. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen
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Hello Ramon Woolfe, wants to say thanks for the BSL Daily Devotions which is brilliant and i want to say thank you for put this up because i always watch Daily Devotions ASL so keep going as would like to see number growing as let God guide you all... I would love to get involve but only if you can :) God bless you all in richly CMV