At the pizza counter

Bible Reading: Corinthians 13:5-13
Author: Crystal Senter-Brown (Massachusetts, US)
Wednesday 17 August 2022 © The Upper Room.
When I arrived at the supermarket to pick up the pizzas for our fundraising event, I was already running late. I had just finished officiating at a wedding 40 miles away and was rushing to get back on time. The queue at the pizza counter was long and, once I got closer, I realised why. There stood a frazzled mother, along with her children, paying for her entire trolley full of purchases at the pizza counter! As I stood there fuming, no one else seemed to be bothered. Even the assistant seemed to be joyful as he scanned her numerous items.
I realised then that I was allowing something very small to take over my spirit. Yes, it was inconvenient to have to stand there for an extra five minutes, but the end result was a less-frazzled mother with one fewer stops to make on her way out of the supermarket.
Doesn’t God treat us with the same patience – standing by while we work things out? He doesn’t huff and puff when we take our time. So why couldn’t I offer that woman the same grace I am given?
I pray that I will learn to take a moment to be joyful and thankful for all things, and to learn to slow down and take it all in. Every moment – even a frustrating moment waiting at a pizza counter – is sacred.

Prayer: Dear God, help us to extend grace to everyone we meet. Help us to be the light you created us to be. Amen
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Fantastic! I’m so thrilled by God’s goodness that He has brought about such a wonderful way of communicating His love and Gospel to Deaf people. I’m convinced God will use it to His glory and that it will be an effective means of nurturing Deaf Christians for whom church and the Bible is often difficult. You can be assured of my prayers in asking our Father to use these means to reach Deaf people who would never dream of entering a church building. KS