Abide In Me

Bible Reading: John 6:53-57
Author: Vicki Hines (Tennessee, US)
Sunday 5 April 2020 © The Upper Room.

On the night before Jesus was crucified, he washed the disciples’ feet and broke bread with them. He knew that his followers would face difficult days ahead, so he instructed them, ‘Abide in me, and I in you’ (John 15:4). The word ‘abide’ caught my eye. I longed to know what Jesus meant.

It occurred to me that one way Jesus explained this to the disciples was when he said that the wine they drank was his blood and the bread they ate was his body. If they drank the wine and ate the bread, then Jesus would be inside them and abide in them. Then, I flipped back through the Gospels, and I saw that when Jesus studied scripture, worshipped and prayed, he showed us some of the ways we can abide in him.

Abiding in Jesus offers us spiritual strength. As I thought about the times in my life when I was spiritually weak, I realised that they almost always coincided with times when I was not faithfully abiding in Jesus.

Each day, we have the opportunity to obey Jesus’ instructions to abide in him. Communion, regular Bible reading, prayer and worship are more than healthy spiritual habits; they are an invitation to abide in Christ as he abides in us.

Prayer: Dear God, help us to abide in Jesus Christ so that he may be part of all we think, say and do. Amen 

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