The Light of the World

Bible Reading: John 1:1-5
Author: Everard Blackman (Queensland, Australia)
Sunday 5 April 2020 © The Upper Room.

For our service, our minister arranged tables in the form of a huge cross. Loaves of bread and chalices of wine, along with several candles, were on the tables. We sat around the cross and, during Communion, passed the bread and wine from person to person, serving each other. After Communion, several scripture passages were read. When each reading concluded, a candle was extinguished with a brass snuffer.

As I watched the tiny cup being lowered over the flame, cutting off its flow of oxygen, I was gripped by a powerful spiritual awareness. If we are to be lights for Christ in the world, we must have a source of life-giving spiritual energy. Without constant renewal by God’s Spirit our light dims.

Our spiritual renewal comes through sharing in worship-praying, reading scripture and singing great hymns-fellowship with other Christians and acts of love and service. When we accept the grace offered in each of these practices, we will burn brightly and not burn out.

Prayer: God of life and light, renew us by the power and presence of your Holy Spirit. May our lives shine with your love. Amen 

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Would it be possible to have a section where the Gospel is explained for Deaf people who are not yet true Christians to view? Maybe it could be a translation of a good tract? In fact, as Christians, we can never study the Gospel message enough for as we grasp it more and more our love for God grows and compels us to share it with others. God bless your endeavours for Him KS