The Choice is Ours

Bible Reading: Romans 5:1-5
Author: Donna Eliason (Washington, US)
Sunday 5 April 2020 © The Upper Room.

Recently our daughter Julie’s doctors diagnosed her with an aggressive type of brain cancer, and they expect that she has only two years left to live. Despite this difficult diagnosis, Julie has decided to put her faith and confidence in God’s word.

Each morning and evening she listens to Bible passages and meditates on them throughout the day and night. She has decided to stay positive and to trust God to love and guide her throughout her life. Several people have expressed surprise at her attitude, but Julie knows that God is taking good care of her.

Life is filled with surprises, uncertainties and challenges. How we respond is our choice. We can become angry or bitter or we can choose to trust the promises of our loving, heavenly Father. We don’t know what’s ahead for Julie, but we do know that no matter what the future brings, God is present with her and with each of us.

Prayer: Thank you, God, that we can trust you in every situation and circumstance. We don’t know the future, but we do know that your love never ends. Thank you for your promises that give us peace and hope. Amen 

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