Palm Sunday

Bible Reading: Luke 19:28-40
Author: Jonathan Redding (Tennessee, US)
Sunday 5 April 2020 © The Upper Room.

The idea of a stranger approaching me to ask for my colt (or car, or bike) was odd, if not downright comical. I never expected to experience something like the owner of the colt in Luke 19 did until one cold February night when a woman approached me as I was filling my car with petrol at a garage. She was kind as she introduced herself, but I thought that I knew where the conversation was going. My suspicions were confirmed when the woman asked me for money; I turned her down and went about my business.

As I was paying for my petrol, the woman asked another customer if she had anything to spare and this person gave her some money. I walked to my car, shaking my head at what I thought was a waste of money. Then, I saw the stranger open her car door to reveal two smiling children, grateful to receive a meal. The woman had used the money to buy food for her children.

I realised that I had just experienced something very similar to the colt owner in today’s scripture. The person I saw as a stranger and a nuisance was someone in need. I left, determined to remember that when we help to meet the needs of people around us, we serve Christ.

Prayer: Dear God, open our eyes and show us that the needs of your people are your needs, too. Help us to continue to serve you by serving others in your name. Amen 

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Hi Bro/ Sis, BSL daily devotion is brilliant and useful for all BSL users and know more about Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Also, know more what is mean to us and to our spiritual life. MA