Go for It

Bible Reading: Exodus 4:1-13
Author: Debra Callaway (Kansas, US)
Wednesday 26 February 2020 © The Upper Room.

My brother-in-law, Bryon, taught me how to downhill ski. As he skied backwards facing me, he told me to zig-zag across the slope so I would not gather too much speed as we descended. I was OK as long as I was traversing the slope at such a shallow angle as to creep down the ski run. But eventually I ran out of path and needed to turn back in the other direction. Changing direction meant having to point my skis straight downhill for the seconds it took to swing them around. I feared I would plummet down the slope at breakneck speed, out of control. Bryon kept urging me to turn my skis and assured me that I’d be OK. I trusted him, so finally I just said, ‘Whatever happens, here goes!’ and I rotated my skis around toward my opposite side. I was delighted to find myself gliding slowly in the new direction. If I hadn’t trusted Bryon, I might never have learned to ski and would have missed out on much enjoyment.

To me, following God is much like that ski lesson. Sometimes we’re afraid to commit to a task he has placed before us. We fear we can’t do it, or we think of all the things that could go wrong. But if we truly trust God, we can take a deep breath, ‘go for it’, and then be amazed at what he has empowered us to do.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us to trust you enough to do what you call us to do and not miss out on the blessings that come from our obedience. Amen 

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