Our Strong Tower

Bible Reading: Psalm 18:1-3
Author: Wendy Marshall (Tokyo, Japan)
Saturday 26 September 2020 © The Upper Room.

 ‘Do you know how many types of chasing games there are, Mum?’ my son asked. He listed various types they’d played at school. Around the dinner table, he talked with his brothers about the different types, and the difficulty of each one.

Later that evening I sat down with my youngest son, Jamie, to read the Bible. We read a portion of Psalm 18, which describes God as our fortress, our safe place. I told Jamie that God is a refuge where we can go anytime. He is like the safe place in the middle of a game of being chased. My son understood straight away. Like many children, he hides behind my legs during a chasing game and declares, ‘Mum is safe!’

I prayed with him, asking that he would always run to God’s safe care whenever he needs it. I prayed silently for myself too, that I would be quicker to run to God instead of trying to deal with problems on my own.

God wants us to pray about our problems and ask for his help. Even when bad things happen, we can always find refuge in his love. And we can proclaim, ‘I’m safe.’

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us remember that we can always find refuge in you. Amen 

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Absolutely fantastic. You're doing a great work with these Ramon. Very uplifting:) x EM