Becoming a Better Disciple

Bible Reading: James 1:17-26
Author: Mark Carter (Texas, US)
Friday 27 November 2020 © The Upper Room.

When I began regularly attending church, I rarely missed a service, Bible study or special event. Despite all the time I spent hearing God’s word and Jesus’ teachings, the message did not grow in me in the way it was intended. Instead of becoming more Christ-like, I often used my new-found religion to judge others for missing church or not meeting my moral code. I believed the only way to God was by having your body in the church building. Needless to say, my attitude had a negative effect on others.

My best friend helped me change my mind by telling me I had completely turned Jesus’ teaching upside down with my pious attitude. Though I was angry with him at first, it finally hit me that he was right. Instead of showing love, speaking peace and making disciples with the words of Jesus, I was driving people away with my false sense of morality.

After realising this, I tried to learn from my mistakes. I reread my Bible and adjusted my attitudes and actions. I still attend my church regularly, but I have learned that disciples are shaped by what they are taught, not by where they are taught. God works through others to remind us of the standards Jesus set for us.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us to judge others less and love them more. Amen


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