Shine On

Bible Reading: John 1:1-9
Author: Lu Fullilove (Texas, US)
Thursday 6 August 2020 © The Upper Room.

Recently, the moon was closer to the Earth than it would be at any other time during the year. Because of its nearness, the moon appeared larger and brighter than usual. The brilliant light shone by the ‘super-moon’ cast shadows in my garden just as the sun does during the day. The moon seemed to produce its own glow; however, its luminescence was but a reflection of the sun’s intense radiance.

I want to be like that super-moon at all times, brilliantly reflecting a power greater than my own. I ask myself: ‘Do I regularly display kindness, forgiveness and love? Am I a good example for others to follow? Or do I shine brightly only on rare occasions? Do I perform good deeds so that others will praise me or because I know that doing so is God’s will for me?’ When I consciously draw nearer to God my thoughts, words and actions can more intensely reflect his love to others.

Prayer: God of the universe, thank you for the wonders of creation that display your almighty power and glory. Help us to be true reflections of you to others. Amen

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So blessed by this weekend's devotions!! Thank you!! DJ