A Lesson from My Inbox

Bible Reading: 9:24-27
Author: Gael Stuart Phaneuf (Colorado, US)
Saturday 6 June 2020 © The Upper Room.

Another prayer request arrived by email, and I was feeling overwhelmed. My women’s group emailed prayer requests regularly, and another urgent need from a parishioner wrenched my heart. How would I find time to add another intercessory prayer to my already lengthy list, while giving each the depth and fervour it deserved?

As I was pondering, another email from a long-time friend popped into my inbox. She wanted me to know she had prayed for my strength and endurance to do the ministries the Lord had given me. She mentioned how grateful she was for the prayers and spiritual comfort I had offered her through the years. I was surprised and humbled by how much my actions meant to her.

Suddenly my prayer list seemed manageable. And I realised that I did not need to place particular time limits on my prayers. Physical problems have somewhat curtailed what I can do to serve the Lord, but I am able to pray for others here at home. My friend’s email had served as the encouragement I needed to persevere.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us to pray with open, honest, loving hearts for the intercessions with which you have entrusted us. Amen

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