Why Didn't You Answer

Bible Reading: Mark1:16-20
Author: Gale A. Richards (Iowa, US)
Saturday 6 June 2020 © The Upper Room.

Sometimes when our son was playing outside he would act as though he hadn’t heard when his mother called him. Once she asked him, ‘Why didn’t you answer me?’ With remarkable honesty he replied, ‘I thought if I pretended I couldn’t hear you, then you might leave me alone.’

Many times we treat God in the same way. He has called us, yet often we pretend not to hear. We ignore the Spirit who is nudging us in a certain direction through scripture, or we turn away when we sense the urge to speak to someone or offer a helping hand to a stranger. We are God’s creation, yet he has given us the freedom to choose to turn away from opportunities to serve.

For years, out of fear or busyness, I made the choice to turn away. But turning away left a separation between God and me. Something was missing, and life felt incomplete. I finally realised that I could draw close to God by responding to the nudges and calls. The first few times were scary. But I followed God’s leading and now give thanks for the blessings this has brought me. My relationship with God brings a whole new dimension of fullness to life. Hobbies, leisure activities and even work tasks take on new meaning and joy when we do them to praise God.

Prayer: Dear Lord, open our ears to hear your call and direct our feet in paths of service to you. Amen

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