Holy Intermissions

Bible Reading: Colossians 4:2-6
Author: Clifford B. Rawley (Missouri, US)
Friday 24 January 2020 © The Upper Room.

When I was growing up in church, we used to sing a hymn about a ‘sweet hour of prayer’.* But whenever I tried to pray for an hour I failed—and I felt defeated.

As an adult I no longer try to pray for 60 minutes. What help me are short periods of time with God. Several times a day, I set aside five or ten minutes to focus on my Lord. During one of these brief interludes, I read The Upper Room. Another time I’ll read a psalm and listen to what the Lord is saying to me. These ‘intermissions’ become even more meaningful as I look around at God’s marvellous creation. I hear the birds and notice the beauty of flowers, and I praise God for his wonderful works. If I am distracted by anxious thoughts, I take a moment to count ten blessings in my life and voice my gratitude to God.

These moments of renewal help me to see each day as God’s gift—and my need to honour him on that day. As I continue these spiritual practices, I experience the renewing and nurturing touch of the Spirit of God.

Prayer: Dear Lord, may we not forget you in our rushed routines. Help us to connect with you throughout each day. Amen

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