Reaching Toward Christ

Bible Reading: Luke 6:12-19
Author: Tatiana Menshova (Hrodna, Belarus)
Wednesday 11 December 2019 © The Upper Room.

When I come to church, I immediately begin to search for God. As the scriptures are read and preached, I listen for what God will say to me. He always has a word for me. I love singing for Jesus and spending time in his presence.

Sometimes I struggle to get past the thoughts, anxieties and busyness in my mind and soul. Worship allows me to reconnect with my faith and be immersed in Christ’s presence. It’s almost as though I can touch him. I am healed from hurt, anxiety, fatigue and hopelessness. I love life again. I love people.

Through worship we can be renewed and inspired to serve Christ and proclaim the good news. We have a place, the church, and we have a time, during worship, when we can reach out to the Lord and be filled anew with faith, hope and love.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for always having a word to encourage us, time to be with us and power to heal us. Amen


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I just wanted to congratulate you on this initiative. What an amazing resource for the Deaf community in the UK. Thank God for your obedience in going forward with this. GL