Good Sorts

Bible Reading: Romans 16:1-6
Author: Margaret Gordon (Auckland, New Zealand)
Tuesday 22 October 2019 © The Upper Room.

Almost all the news I read in the daily newspaper and magazines or watch on television is depressing—disasters, broken marriages, crime and conflict all over the world.

Recently, however, I have found more encouraging stories, entitled ‘Good Sorts’, appearing in our New Zealand newspapers and on television. The stories feature people who do amazing and uplifting things over their lifetime: bringing hope, support and opportunities to people in need—mostly without any personal financial gain.

These uplifting stories remind me of Christ’s model. By acknowledging the need for more of us to be givers rather than simply takers, we can help the world to become a more loving and caring place.

Our faith calls us to bring joy to others, helping them to have a more fulfilling life. Every day as we walk through life we can extend friendship to the people we meet. We can greet them, smile and be pleased to see them. We all have the potential to be ‘Good Sorts’ by passing on God’s love to those we meet.

Prayer: Loving God, you enrich our lives with your love and compassion. Help us to show that love to others in all we do. Amen


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