Waves of Peace

Bible Reading: Isaiah 47:1-7
Author: Doris Hoover (Florida, US)
Tuesday 22 October 2019 © The Upper Room.

Life had become complicated. Starting a new job and caring for my three children was hard enough, but one of my parents was ill and my brother also needed my help. I was exhausted from travelling from place to place. I needed a break. The sea has always calmed me, so I drove to the beach. Strolling along the water’s edge, I soaked in the peacefulness of the moment. The gentle rhythm of the waves soothed my stress. My anxieties evaporated in the breeze and I felt carefree and light. I wanted the moment to last for ever.

I left the beach determined to hold on to my sense of peace. I thanked God for my blessings and my difficulties. When I was overwhelmed, I prayed. God was my hiding place, and I trusted him to help me. My troubles didn’t disappear, but as I continued to pray my stress was replaced by peace.

I used to think I could be at peace only in the absence of problems, but God doesn’t promise a life free of stress. He promises peace in the midst of our troubles. Even though our circumstances may not change, our response to them can change. When we give our problems to God, peace washes over us like gentle ocean waves.

Prayer: Thank you, God, for helping us with the challenges of life. With each prayer, may we exhale our worries and inhale your peace. Amen


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