Whose Side?

Bible Reading: Joshua 5:13-15
Author: Marion Speicher Brown (Florida, US)
Tuesday 22 October 2019 © The Upper Room.

The new recruits relaxed in their barracks, talking casually. Suddenly the commander entered. Someone yelled, ‘Attention!’ Immediately all conversation ceased as the recruits jumped to their feet. The presence of the commanding officer changed their posture and their speech.

Joshua had a similar experience. Near Jericho, he confronted a man who had a sword in his hand. Joshua asked whether he was friend or foe. The man replied that he was neither, but had come as commander of the Lord’s army. Immediately Joshua bowed in reverence, asking, ‘What message does my Lord have for his servant?’ (Joshua 5:14). Joshua’s meeting with the commander of the Lord’s army changed his posture and his speech.

Sometimes when I’m praying, I think of Joshua. I find myself trying to convince God to be on my side of an issue. Then I realise that prayer is not meant to persuade the Lord to see things my way. Rather, when I meet God in prayer my job is to bow in reverence, aligning my life and my requests with what God wants. After all, Jesus said we are to seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness (see Matthew 6:33).

Prayer: Blessed Father, help us align our lives with your kingdom and your will. Amen


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