Let it Snow

Bible Reading: Isaiah 55:8-13
Author: Karen S. Weaver (Ohio, US)
Wednesday 11 December 2019 © The Upper Room.

For me, one of winter’s greatest pleasures is to go for a walk in a gentle snowfall. The air is cold and crisp, and my footsteps make a soft, muffled sound. The snow is beautiful, but it also serves a purpose. Snow that falls heavy on the fields and mountaintops refills the depleted water reserves below the ground. Then the land and all that lives on it grows and is refreshed. The excess snow melts into streams and rivers, which flow to the seas, where water evaporates and goes back up to the heavens to start the cycle again.

Such is God’s word to our hearts and minds. When we read the Bible, it may apply to our lives at the moment or it may not soak in immediately but remain in our hearts until a new season. As it cycles through our lives, it brings growth and refreshment to our souls.

Prayer: Dear God, as we read your word, let us learn from it and let it soak into our hearts so that we feel refreshed in you. Amen

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