Bible Reading: Mark 5:21-34
Author: Gene C. Burgess (South Carolina, USA)
Saturday 22 March 2014 © The Upper Room.

‘Come and see,’ I called to my mum, and she would leave the laundry to study a worm with me.

When my experiment was complete, she returned to the unfolded clothes. ‘Mum, let’s go for a walk.’ Though she had been busy washing up, she would join me for an hour in the park. When we returned, she finished the dishes.

Mum saw these interruptions as opportunities to build a relationship with me—her youngest child.

The healing of the paralytic is one example of how Jesus dealt with interruptions. When other people found Jesus involved in something else, they interrupted.

Our Saviour seldom objected; he stopped, listened and met their need. Jesus was available to those who needed him.

We may feel we have no room for interruptions. But suspending our ordinary duties to reach out to other people could be the defining moment in their lives and possibly in ours.

By considering the way Jesus responded to interruptions, we can begin to view them as opportunities to be Jesus for other people.

Prayer: Thank you, dear God, for interruptions that give us opportunities to reflect Jesus’ love to those around us. Amen

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Fantastic! I’m so thrilled by God’s goodness that He has brought about such a wonderful way of communicating His love and Gospel to Deaf people. I’m convinced God will use it to His glory and that it will be an effective means of nurturing Deaf Christians for whom church and the Bible is often difficult. You can be assured of my prayers in asking our Father to use these means to reach Deaf people who would never dream of entering a church building. KS